what is play therapy?

Play Therapy, when used in its entirety, is for children who are up to 12 years old and their families and done with a Play Therapist. However, certain creative techniques such as art and sand tray therapy are effective for early teens as well up to 16 years old.

How can Play Therapy help?

While Play Therapy is often crucial for children who have undergone some of form trauma, many children need a place to process and work through any transition or difficulty they might be facing.

Therapy can help children facing:

-Social difficulties








-Explosive or impulsive behavior

-Sad or withdrawn moods

-Frustration or aggression

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy provides for children what talk therapy provides for adults, the difference is children use play as their means of expression when processing difficult emotions and  experiences .

Play Therapy provides a uniquely protected and free space where symbolic play helps children bridge their inner world to their outer world.

Through this process they are able to access, confront, and overcome difficult emotions and experiences that are hindering them from being their fullest and healthiest self.

NOTE: Children can absolutely engage in talk therapy with the counselor if they choose to at any time.  Children who are hesitant to play in session for any reason are still candidates for Play Therapy.

Fictional Example: A child Client is continually in conflict and feeling overpowered by an older sibling. They get in a fight the week of a therapy session. When the Client is in session, instead of detailing out the fight with words, they express the experience playing out a scene where a giant dinosaur (representing the older sibling) attacks a small lizard (representing the Client). While this is happening the therapist knows how to guide and reflect back to the child what they are expressing- leading to both an emotional release of the experience and tools for resilience that will benefit that child in both the difficult relationship, and all aspects of their life.

Why should my child do Play Therapy?

Early intervention is the best intervention! Most relational and emotional struggles individuals have as adults relate back to what they experienced when their brain was first developing- childhood!

A child therapist can help if your child is facing some of these difficult situations. If you believe your child needs therapy, we have the experience and tools to offer effective support for families with children of all ages. Set Free Play Therapy currently works with children and teens up to age 15 serving Boulder County and Denver Metro. Set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our Play Therapist today at (720) 460-9164. For immediate emergencies, dial 911 at any time if you feel that your child is in immediate danger