Questions about eating disorders come through our office often. Many clients, parents and friends are not aware that they have an eating disorder or that someone they love might be struggling with it. Here are some helpful signs and categories of eating disorders that are common.

Signs and categories of Eating Disorders:

·      Restrictive Eating (Anorexia Nervosa)

·      Binge Eating & Purging (Bulimia)

·      Purging Disorder (without bingeing)

·      Compulsive Eating or Binge Eating Disorder

·      Body Dysmorphia (perception of self is extremely distorted from reality)

·      Hoarding Food

·      Eating in secret

·      Struggling to swallow or consume food

·      Eating as a result of an emotional situation (happy, sad, bored, anxious, etc.)

·      Incessant Exercise (7 days a week, multiple hours a day)

·      The need to exercise in order to eat a certain amount of calories that day

·      Extreme calorie counting

·      Obsession about weight (weighing self multiple times a day/week)

·   Sudden change in dietary restriction such as: meat eater to vegan or "allergies" to high-caloric foods       

·      Inflexibility in diet 

·      Abstaining from eating food in front of others

·      Extreme mood changes when asked or confronted about food/exercise

·      Anxiety, fear or apathy around food and exercise

·      Dishonesty and Evasiveness

·      Conflict in relationships because of an issue with food or exercise


Counseling for an Eating Disorder can be helpful for clients looking for support and stability while becoming aware of the triggers and environments that impact their need to negatively cope. Finding new strategies for managing stressful life events and repairing damage that may have been caused by an eating disorder are some of the goals of counseling. If you or a family member demonstrates some of the behaviors or thoughts of eating disorders and are in Boulder County or Denver Metro, please contact us at (720) 460-9164 or email us at for more information and help.