Could family counseling benefit my family? Many families have issues and problems that can be difficult to overcome. Life throws all kinds of things at our families: divorce, death, re-marriage, blended families, sibling issues, different parenting styles, work or school-related issues, illnesses, financial problems, etc. All of these common issues can result in families experiencing conflict, strain, and hardship. Here are some benefits to family therapy:

·      Members of the family are able to express themselves in a safe, neutral place with a trained counselor present to help mediate

·      A family therapist can help each member of the family communicate effectively, helping the family’s communication skills improve both in the counseling setting and also at home.

·      A family therapist can help families better understand each other in order to coexist in a healthy manner, for example: improve parenting, improve communication skills, better understand how to shift long standing dynamics.

·      Family therapy can help a family who is, has or will be going through a divorce. Each family handles divorce differently, and family therapy can assist parents in telling their children, can do special counseling for the children during a divorce, and/or can be a support afterwards while every family member adjusts to the change.

·      Family Counseling is perfect for families that are blending or bringing in a new member. The therapist can assist in the transition of new living situations, new dynamics being introduced, and creating a safe environment for the new family to grow and thrive

If you believe your family could use family counseling in Boulder County or Denver Metro, please contact a therapist at Cypress Counseling Center at (720) 460-9164. We generally work with family members ages 16 and up. There are exceptions to this however, please speak with your family therapist for more information. Please also speak to your family therapist for questions involving complicated legal or custody issues.