Life has many paths, any of which could leave you feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, and in need of help. Perhaps you, or someone close, has experienced a life-altering trauma or tragedy. Maybe the pain of your life experiences, stresses at work, family life, or responsibility leave you feeling unable to handle things on your own. Then again, you might just feel fed up and irritated with everyone around you and find yourself being defensive and self-protective with people you call your closest friends. Often these reactions point to deeper hurts and pains that have a stronghold in your life.

Find renewed perspective and guidance to help with these issues. We offer both traditional approaches to therapy as well as specialized techniques (such as EMDR) designed to reduce trauma-related stress, anxiety and depression. We will work closely with you to find the right approach and help you feel more present, satisfied, and effective in your life. Restoration is possible for anyone that desires change and is committed to the healing process. We can help you reclaim your life! Contact us for a complimentary 20-minute consultation. For more information click here. 


All about the two of you! Are you dating, thinking about marriage, engaged, or seasoned marriage veterans? Getting an outside perspective is always a healthy and mature relational decision. We can help you effectively communicate, sort through “deal breaker” issues, and find support in one another while building a strong foundation. We discuss relevant issues that are often overlooked before it feels too late to discuss them. If you are already in a crisis, please let us help. Romantic relationships are NOT meant to feel hopeless and lonely; they are meant to be satisfying and fulfilling. For more information click here.  


When any member of the family is going through a tough time, it impacts the rest of the family unit. Often this difficulty stems from the relational dynamics that occur within the family which build over time. These can leave one feeling lost, lonely, confused, and even hopeless. We can help you sort through these dynamics and equip you with the tools you need to establish and encourage healthy and effective communication, personal responsibility, boundaries, and a path toward forgiveness. Whether you are the mother, father, brother, sister, cousin or even a friend involved in this family dynamic, we can help. For more information click here

Play Therapy

Early therapeutic intervention is a powerful and impactful resource to provide a child. Whether they are struggling with the difficulties of a divorce, having anxiety in daily life, exhibiting explosive behavior, or have gone through extreme trauma most children can benefit from having a safe space to work through and resolve inner turmoil. Play therapy is the most effective form of counseling children, as play is their form of emotional expression, the same way you might imagine adults using talk therapy in their sessions. With rich imaginative minds children unfold their stories and inner workings symbolically with the toys and creative mediums available to them. Most emotional experiences get stored in a non-verbal part of the brain making play the perfect medium for a child to voice who they are and what they are feeling.


EMDR is a research-based therapy that helps individuals heal from life disturbing events. These disturbances or incidents can be big or small, but essentially leave a negative impact that is seemingly inescapable in your current day-to-day life. View our EMDR page for more in-depth information.