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Christian Counseling for All of Life’s Challenges

Therapy focused on finding hope and security through God’s Guidance.

Cypress is a Counseling Center that offers individual therapy, couples counseling, and family counseling to adults and youth.

As Christian counselors in the Boulder County area, we provide an environment that is caring and supportive, while offering insightful guidance as you walk courageously through the challenges and trials of life.

Our goal at Cypress is to be alongside you in your journey of healing and RESTORATION.

Our Services

Learn more about our services below to help guide you in the direction of the type of counseling you may be looking for.



Talk one on one with a counselor in a judgement free environment. Trust and connection is important for your healing journey and Cypress Counseling desires to be a safe place for you to begin your new way of life.

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Enhance your relationship and develop communication skills to better support one another. Making decisions about your relationship can be intimidating, but having an extra set of ears can help a conversation move from stalled to the engine finally running again.

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Give members of your family the opportunity to explore and create healthy family dynamics. Cypress Counseling can help you learn how to talk with your kids about the difficult things in life and help kids navigate the twists and turns of growing up.

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EMDR focuses on changing thoughts to help you move beyond negative patterns in your life. Do you ever find that you keep repeating the same negative behaviors and thoughts? You may have unresolved trauma or experiences that keep impacting your here and now. EMDR can help make sense of life’s experiences that we can’t seem to move on from.

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Why Choose Cypress

Each of our certified Christian therapists earned their Masters Degrees from Denver Seminary in Littleton, CO.

Using a combination of EMDR methodology and Christian paradigms, our counselors can help you find healing, restoration and peace through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

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Areas of Expertise

Our counselors are experts in the following topics:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Disordered eating
  • Trauma
  • Identity development
  • Relational dysfunction
  • Communication
  • Grief work
  • Transitions in life roles for ages 16+
  • Child therapy

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling focuses on the hope and power found in trusting a source that is outside of oneself.

Christian counseling promotes change and embraces what are often difficult realities to face by accessing the security and assurance one finds in God for stability.

A core belief of Christian counseling is that individuals can have a better sense of self and security by being identified in and through Christ.

What does it mean to live out one’s faith? It can look like understanding how to have relationships that are congruent with a Biblical perspective, how to look at past hurts and make sense of tragedy and how God can be good all at the same time.

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Our Location

We are located in Lafayette, CO on Highway 287 and West Baseline Road. Our counselors serve the greater Boulder County area, as well as many of our surrounding cities such as Broomfield, Erie, Louisville and Westminster.

How to Reach Us

If you have questions about our services or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, contact our main line at (720) 460-9164 or email us at