Christian Counseling

What is Christian Counseling?

Counseling focused on finding hope and security through spiritual guidance.

In Christian counseling, also referred to as faith-based counseling, we work with a person according to their belief system about who God is and the role God plays in his or her life.

So much of a person’s understanding of God goes back to the places of initial wounding; this pain impacts people mind, body, and soul, which is why faith-based counseling can be powerful.

Spiritual counseling can be another name for faith-based counseling. In spiritual counseling, we understand that humans are integrated beings and each part of us (mind, body and soul) can be touched by pain and sin, as well as grace and healing.

An aspect of spiritual counseling is that as humans we are both psychological and spiritual beings. Understanding how the brain, the body, and emotions work is critical to understanding the challenges we face in relationship to one another and to God.

Often challenges and hardships are viewed through the lens of what God is trying to accomplish in that person’s life into order to conform them into the image of Jesus.

Faith-Based Healing

Each Christian Therapist at Cypress Counseling has a story that has challenged their faith at some point, brought them through growth, restoration, and taught them hope.

This hope enables them to come alongside you in your journey of healing and freedom with a Christian Counselor.

Christian counseling promotes change and embraces what are often difficult realities to face by accessing the security and assurance one finds in God for stability. A core belief of Christian counseling is that individuals can have a better sense of self and security by being identified in and through Christ.

What does it mean to live out one’s faith? It can look like understanding how to have relationships that are congruent with a Biblical perspective, how to look at past hurts and make sense of tragedy and how God can be good all at the same time.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Christian marriage counseling brings in a biblical perspective to the relationship and how the Bible sets forth the expectations for love and relationship.

Christian marriage counseling helps partners communicate more clearly, handle conflict with less threat, and connect more empathically on the basis of shared values, beliefs, and goals.

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