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Community Resources in COLORADO:

Getting help for addictions in your life can be challenging if you feel like you are alone in it. If you are working on finding a healthier way of life and want to work towards breaking a habit of smoking, visit for information on community groups and support on living a clean and healthy lifestyle.

For community groups, college resources and supportive connections for drug addiction, visit

For those struggling with substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders, Recovery Village offers educational resources that help to engage the community in building awareness and understanding. Please visit

Unsure about what addiction resources you need? American Addiction Center (AAC) offers up-to-date information and guidance for addiction awareness and recovery. Check out their rehabilitation guide here:

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts and are in need to more focused care and in-patient resources, please contact Centennial Peaks Hospital (303) 666-2088 or find them online at An assessment is free of charge and they accept insurance, direct or private pay.

Books for Personal Growth and Understanding:

We use many tools in the context of counseling and we have found that additional resources can help a client connect to their life story in a more in depth way. Here are a list of books that we have suggested to clients over the years.

For identity, self-esteem and emotional healing:

  • Healing the Shame that Binds You– John Bradshaw
  • Rewriting Your Emotional Script– Becky Harling
  • Abba’s Child– Brennan Manning
  • Recovering from Losses in Life– H. Norman Wright
  • Your Brain at Work– David Rock
  • Anxious For Nothing– Max Lucado
  • Its Not Supposed to Be This Way– Lysa TerKeurst

For healing from Eating Disorders and Addiction:

  • Intuitive Eating– Tribole & Resch
  • Life Without ED– Jenni Schaefer
  • Healthy Eating and Abundant Living (workbook)– Allie Marie Smith
  • Addictive Thinking– Abraham Twerski
  • Addiction & Grace– May

For relationships and rebuilding intimacy:

  • Fighting for Your Marriage– Markman & Stanley
  • How we love– Yerkovich
  • Boundaries– Cloud & Townsend
  • The Mom Factor– Cloud & Townsend
  • Codependent No More-Beattie
  • Bradshaw On: The Family– Bradshaw
  • A Man’s Guide to Women– Gottman & Gottman

For Sexual Trauma:

  • The Body Keeps Score– Van Der Kolk
  • The Sexual Healing Journey– Wendy Maltz
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