Toni received her BA in Psychology and Speech Pathology from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2008. She completed her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2012 and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. She is a licensed professional in the state of Colorado. Toni is a Christian Counselor and her experience includes work with depression, anxiety, life transitions, trauma, divorce, grief and loss, postpartum struggles, self-identity, and life roles for ages 16+. She also works with couples and individuals in the areas of marriage and relationships. She provides EMDR therapy and received her training at The Maiberger Institute. Toni values input from her clients and encourages them to be an active partner in building a positive and supportive relationship in the counseling room.

Toni grew up in California and moved to Colorado for college and fell in love with it. She has lived here ever since and plans to grow her roots in the Colorado soil. She was raised Catholic but became a Christian when she was in college, after finding a deeper relationship and connection with God. She met her husband when she was 20 years old and after dating for many years, they married in 2012. She recently had a little boy, Lucca, who has brought on new meaning to her life. Toni has been through counseling at various stages in her life; finding peace and the freedom to move forward. Whether it was through couples counseling or individual work throughout the years, Toni has developed her sense of self, confidence and the skills necessary to have healthy and life-giving relationships. She hopes that others can see the benefit counseling can bring to their lives and she values being a part of each journey. Contact Toni for a complimentary 20-minute consult: DirectLine: 720.893.1562 Email:toni@cypresscolorado.com


Jessica received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2010. She completed her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2014 and is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor. She is currently a Registered Psychotherapist and applied Licensed Professional Counselor. Jessica’s experience includes work with symptoms and experiences of depression, anxiety, relational dissatisfaction, trauma, spiritual abuse, identity development and healing from a high-control group and/or relationship, grief work and transitions in life roles for ages 17+.  Jessica works with Couples and Individuals in the areas of dating, marital and pre-marital therapy, and family relationships. She provides EMDR Therapy and received her training at The Maiberger Institute. Additionally, Jessica is passionate about the Enneagram and provides a compassionate path to increasing self-awareness and living authentically.

Jessica tailors treatment to your needs and can help you make the intentional changes that create internal rest, self-acceptance, confidence, and the freedom you desire to experience in relationship to self and others. Jessica moved often and has lived in California, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina and Colorado. She also spent six months on the east coast while hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2009. She met her husband Alek, while attending her undergraduate program at CU in 2007 and they have been together ever since. Her husband helped to start a natural food company in Boulder beginning at the farmers market, look for Hope Hummus. If there is a dog, there is Jessica giving it kisses. Her dream is to own 5 dogs as well as other animals. Truly, participating in counseling has helped to change Jessica’s life in a powerful way as she sought to explore and rewrite her own negative scripts, step into vulnerability, deepen her relational connections, strengthen her boundaries and break out of unhealthy dynamics. This process led to great understanding, pain, healing, and the discovery of what is is like to accept oneself wholly and compassionately. The positive changes she has experienced through the therapeutic relationship is why she became a therapist. She believes freedom is possible with the acceptance of our true identities; it just takes practice. Contact Jessica for a complimentary 20-minute consult: Direct Line: 720.432.5069 Email: jessica@cypresscolorado.com