Marriage counseling focuses on helping couples work through difficult and painful events in an effort to create a relationship that is based upon trust, safety, care, and teamwork.

In couples counseling or marriage counseling you will find an opportunity to experience safety and acceptance in the midst of relational challenges, confusion, dissatisfactions, stagnation, and dysfunctional dynamics. Couples therapy helps both partners to thoughtfully recognize and resolve conflicts, rebuild the relationship, and also to go separate ways. By utilizing assessments such as Prepare/Enrich and Marriage Inventories, we can sort through strengths and weaknesses that can shed light on who your partner is and how to best work alongside them.

In couples therapy, we hope to come alongside you as a couple and as individuals to explore the cycles of hurt that can form over weeks or years of being in a relationship. In couples counseling, we seek to help you break out of theses cycles and work towards restoration in many areas such as: communication, finances, how to "hear one another," conflict resolution, fears and hesitancy, the impacts of family of origin, combining families, creating a family, major life transitions, and so forth. Couples counseling encourages and teaches new ways of being, living, and loving oneself and one another in a manner that is functional for personal as well as relational restoration.

Couples therapy/marriage counseling includes both partners, and at times one partner may choose to see the therapist alone, and at times the therapist will rotate seeing the couple and then the individual partners--depending on the situation and treatment plan. Couples therapy is typically an 90-minute session one day a week but can also be adjusted to one to two 50-minute sessions a week. If you and your partner or spouse are interested in couples therapy or marriage counseling, please contact one of our therapists at (720) 460-9164. We serve those in Boulder County and Denver Metro Areas.