How To Make Practical Sense Of Psychology Buzz Words : Part II

The cause for AUTHENTICITY is a call to action to be ourselves. The struggle is real, it is impossible to participate as a genuine person while trying to control what people think of us and fit into what we believe is accepted by the world. How are we to share ourselves, be open, sincere and genuine?…By accepting who we are and acting AUTHENTICALLY according to this self-acceptance.

Here are the A, B, C’s of Authenticity…

You don’t worry ‘bout fittin’ in when you custom made


  • List 10-15 personal strengths: Explore your strengths and acknowledge them. The importance of recognizing a problem is as important as recognizing the possible! Our strengths are tools to help us reach our goals! But we cannot be all these things all the time, we’re human and by human nature—limited.
  • What do you do best and what would you like to change? Who can be there for you in this change? Identify 5 “limitations” and 1 to 5 other persons in your life who you trust to help you, accept you, and you can depend on to be there for you in your “limitations.”
  • Notice: do you change who you are depending on the people and the circumstances? Do you not act on the same set of values and beliefs regardless of who you are with and what they expect? Do you find yourself anxious in these situations, and do you ask yourself why?

    Your experience of the demand or expectation of others may be right on, but is it right that you work so hard to change for them?

    Consider that the answer might not be shape shifting or hustling for love and acceptance…maybe the answer is not to “change yourself,” but instead the answer is to strengthen your relational BOUNDARIES. You need Boundaries to maintain personal Integrity in your Identity…just like you need your skin to protect your innards.

  • Share your stories with those you trust. Express your feelings, ask for what you need, and make requests where it is safe, and identify the need for boundaries elsewhere. You are not alone in this thing called life. The struggle to be real is real.

Jessica Ramoska